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US domestic and worldwide shipping

BioNatal ships black seed oil from its facilities in the USA and Germany. We offer expedited paid shipping and regular free shipping.
BioNatal black seed oil free worldwide shipping

UNITED STATES: you have to purchase from the main USA store at to have free domestic shipping via FedEx 2-Day. 

CANADA, UNITED KINGDOM, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND: there are two options for you. International FedEx shipping (5-10 days) from BioNatal USA facility with full tracking control for $40 ($20 to Canada) and Customs fees or free DHL service from BioNatal German facility. 

For International FedEx shipping please visit or stay here for International free DHL shipping and place your order on the Online Store page.


United Kingdom: 1-2 weeks (Royal Mail)
Canada: 2-3 weeks (Canada Post)

Australia: 4 weeks (Australia Post)

New Zealand: 4-5 weeks (NZ Post)


BioNatal free shipping

OTHER WORLD COUNTRIES: BioNatal offers its customers free worldwide shipping of the strongest black seed oil from Ethiopian seeds. In almost all countries in the world, our buyers will also be exempt from customs duty.


BioNatal carries out free delivery of black cumin oil from its branch in Germany by DHL. We provide you with the DHL tracking number and you will receive the package in your country without any problems. According to the DHL policies in your country, the DHL will deliver it to your doors or you have to pick it up in the nearest DHL office, so please track your package by DHL website.

If you are interested in expedited paid delivery from an office in the USA, go to the main website of the factory


Europe: 1-2 weeks

North America (except USA): 1-3 weeks

South America: 2-4 weeks

Asia: 3-4 weeks
North Africa: 2-3 weeks

Central/South Africa: 3-5 weeks

BioNatal black seed oil by FedEx delivery

- If DHL decides not to leave the parcel at your home or for any other reason, the parcel will be returned to your local DHL office
- DHL can make or not make the second attempt to deliver the package to your home and you need to pick up the parcel from DHL office
- You must track the package delivery status on DHL website at all time
- If the parcel is returned to BioNatal's office, the customer will have to pay for re-delivery or the order will be canceled and BioNatal will refund 70% of the order

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